sofa cleaning services in Kenya

Is your sofa or settee looking shabby, or in need of a spruce up? If that’s the case, you need professional help from our sofa steam cleaning experts. We can transform all types of sofas and divans to make them look like new again. At a fantastic price, our unique service will bring back the color and get rid of stubborn stains so you don’t have to worry about doing the job yourself. We have years of experience deep cleaning 

Why Book Our Sofa Cleaning Service?

By giving your sofa or settee a thorough clean we will eliminate any dust mites, pet hairs, bacteria or germs hiding within your furniture. Washing your sofa covers isn’t enough to ensure a deep clean, but when you book our professional sofa deep cleaning service, you can be rest assured that we’ll complete the job to the highest standard.

  • Each piece of your furniture will be carefully inspected by our professional sofa cleaning team, who will then use an appropriate technique and cleaning product most suitable for the type of sofa fabric you have.
  • We only use the most powerful suction appliances with high heat extraction to rid your sofa of stains and spruce up any type of design.
  • The cleaning solutions we use are chemical-free and harmless to the environment, humans and pets. In addition, they will not only deodorize but also sanitize the fabrics of your furniture.
  • You can make a booking at a time that fits in with your busy schedule – 7 days a week – at no extra charge to you, even if it’s short notice!
  • Take advantage of further discounts when you book more than one of our professional cleaning options in a single order, such as our carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning services.

Did you know that …?

  • Our process is dry and chemical-free, so you don’t need to leave the house and you can use it straight away
  • Household vacuums clean only the surface and does not remove the impurities from within, our vacuums have 11 times the suction power

We use Overheated Dry Steam (ODS) that heats your regular tap water into dry steam and fogs it at 180◦C to create a thermal shock that kills all Bacteria, Viruses and Impurities.