supply of cleaning consumables

We offer a complete range of consumables to our clients. For quality purposes only national brands are used by us. Examples: toilet paper, hand towels, seat wipes, hand soap, urinal blocks, air fresheners.)

Toilet Hygiene Solutions

At Queens, we offer a range of toilet hygiene services and products that are designed to limit the spread of germs from the toilets on your facility. In addition, we also offer deep cleaning services for toilets which can be used in conjunction with our products, providing you with well maintained, clean & hygienic facilities.

Toilet hygiene sprays and wipes

Our toilet seat sprays and wipes are another way to make sure the toilet seat is hygienic before it is used.

Urinal sanitizer dispensers

Antibacterial liquids are released into toilets and urinals, at pre-determined intervals, in order to limit the spread of germs and reduce unpleasant odors.

Toilet roll holders and dispensers

Our toilet roll dispensers can hold several rolls of toilet paper and are securely fitted to minimize toilet paper theft.