Trained tea ladies are available. Tea services are also part of the training schedule for general staff where varied services are required.

Why you should Hire Tea Ladies

Many corporate businesses in East Africa have a number of staff members to attend to various duties. One individual may be responsible for the maintenance in and around the office; you may have a number of individuals responsible for keeping the premises clean and another to maintain the garden and surrounds.

Numerous businesses in East Africa make use of an office cleaner that also has the added responsibility of being a tea lady in their office. If your workplace is quite large and your cleaning staff is clearly struggling to offer a quality cleaning service as well as provide refreshments to your colleagues and guests, you may want to consider hiring a tea lady who will exclusively be required to render this service.

By hiring a tea lady in your office you and others will benefit in a number of ways. Firstly, your staff members will be more productive in that they will not have to waste valuable time going to make themselves coffee and tea during their breaks and can use this time to actually relax and take a much needed rest.

Secondly – when you hire tea ladies, you will be giving them the opportunity to earn an income and support themselves and their family. You will also be equipping them with a new skill, which may even lead to a great deal more as their work experience and proficiency increases.

Lastly – your staffs will have more time to do what they do best – they will be more productive in their work .